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Origin of the UN World Music Project

The project “Music for Haiti” was conceived shortly after an earthquake struck Haiti on 12 January 2010. That was the starting point within the UN Music club for a musical project which was christened the UN World Music Project, which gave its first concerts in the context of events held to express solidarity with the Haitian people.

CD coverBeginning in June 2010 the UNWMP commenced the recording of a CD which incorporated several interpretations of Haitian music. It also presented pieces from other regions of the world: central Europe, North Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, jazz, salsa, reggae, bossa nova – a veritable musical voyage around the world. The title of this first CD is “Pour Haïti, Pays debout” (For Haiti, a country still standing) to honour the courage and perseverance of those people whose history has been both so heroic and so tormented.

Partnership with “Aide et Action”, a dynamic non-governmental organization devoted to education of Haitian children

This initiative marks an interesting phase in the activities of the UN Music Club and the World Music Project. At this point we are pursuing a concrete act of solidarity with the Haitian people by contributing CHF 5 from the sale of each CD (at CHF 20) to “Aide et Action”, an NGO which carries out significant activities supporting the education of Haitian children. By this initiative, the UNWMP and all who purchase this CD will help to open the door to the future for these children.

We have striven to produce an attractive item that our colleagues and friends of the UN Music Club will want to buy and offer as a gift for the holiday season, and keep as a symbol of active solidarity.

Thank you for helping us to succeed in this project.

Financial aspects

The overall costs of producing this CD came to some CHF 20,000: concerts, recording, studio work, packaging design, photography, production, royalties, specialized professional assistance. One thousand copies of the CD have been produced, of which 950 will be offered for sale. Optimally, this will bring in CHF 19,000 of which CHF 4,250 will be contributed to Aide et Action.

Information about the sales campaign

First public sale: Thursday, 24 November, across from the UNOG staff cafeteria

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