Recording session - E Castro

The UN World Music Project’s recording session was held in the Palais des Nations on Friday evening, 2 July 2010. The evening combined the discipline of getting about a dozen tunes on disk in a live recording session with the enjoyment of a cordial social gathering for Club members, friends and guest musicians.

The vocalists - E Castro

The tunes selected for the recording session represented styles from mainstream jazz, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Afro-Cuban, and Arabic genres. Particular emphasis was placed on Haitian music, as the World Music Project is committed to lending its support to the Haiti earthquake victims.

Between the takes - P Aubia

Food and drinks were furnished by the Club, and the enthusiastic support from the “audience” of friends and colleagues helped to give the session the feel of a live performance.

Recording engineers - E Castro

Mix-down of the recordings and production of the CD continued during the second half of 2010. You can listen to the CD by clicking here. Copies of the CD can be obtained from the UN Music Club.


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