An annual General Assembly (GA) is held annually to review the Club’s activities and discuss plans for the future. The documents are public and accessible on this website, normally listed below.  The decisions of the General Assembly are carried out and monitored by a Committee. The Committee holds quarterly meeting or special meetings when deemed necessary. The minutes and ancillary documents and reports are not public but accessible to all members. Password is to be obtained from the section leaders.

15th General Assembly (GA) 

has been called by the President to take place on

Wednesday the 30th October 2019 from 5 to 6 pM  in Room 25 (XXV) on the lower floor (1st floor) of the E Building: Entrance door 40, one floor down. (Please note that time and venue indicated here is the result of a change AFTER the initial invitation was sent out).

The Proposed agenda will be submitted for approval or changes.

The Presidents Introduction and the Section reports and Nomenclature (‘job descriptions’)  of coordinators to be elected will be published here by 29 October. They will not be read at the Meeting but the GA will provide for short comments, questions, issues.  Members attending the meeting therefore are advised to read the reports PRIOR to attending and prepare their contribution if any.

This years GA will have to proceed to elect the President, all Committee members, Secretary and Treasurer, Members of the Activity Clusters. The relevant reference is Nomenclature Rev 3 (as adopted by Committee June 2018)

15th General Assembly Report on Equipment


14th General Assembly (GA)

Note: Draft minutes of the meeting are available  . The minutes must be adopted by the 15th GA October 2019

Minutes of 14th GA- Final Draft minutes and adopted agenda

The GA has been called by the President to take place on

Wednesday 7th May 6 to 7.30 pM in Room S4 Palais des Nations.

Members and persons interested to become members should attend. Interested persons are welcome to attend as observers. All please should write to

Proposed ‘final draft’  Proposed Agenda now available for examination.

Annexes to the Proposed Agenda:

The list of other annexes will be uploaded on Monday 5th June


The 13th General Assembly was held on  11 May 2016  

GA – 1 – 13th Draft report

List of documents is available on the password protected page. To obtain access please email MUSIC CLUB <>

GA 13th Proposed agenda

GA13-2  Statutes of the Club

Minutes of the 2015 GA to be adopted at the 2016 GA

12th GA Minutes UNMC- Rev 1

Proposal for modification of Statutes: Agenda item 9.

GA 13 – 3 Modified Statutes proposal annotated

GA 13 4 Accounts 2015

GA 13-5 Section reports_final

GA 13 6 Equipment

GA2015-9  Club Members email addresses: Members can consult the password protected Member page. Obtain password from croup leader.

The responsibilities of the officers are listed in the  Nomenclature 


12th General Assembly  April 1,  2015 at 6.15 pM  

Documents for the 12th General Assembly can be viewed in the protected member page
Main report
12th GA Minutes UNMC- Rev 1

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Jazz group plays the Mix and Mash,  6-8pM    Geneva Hospital , 10th floor restaurant. Just turn up, for the music or the view. Or to participate: Topic: ‘Health for All’  Several stands, presentation

Jazz group (another) plays at the party of the Administration Department, Hall 14 Palais des NAtions (get invited!) 19th december LUNCH TIME apero !

UN Geneva Choir  performs on 12th December at 12.00 Salle des Pas Perdus, Palais des Nations


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