The Club’s officers are elected by the General Assembly. The officers constitute the Committee. A Nomenclature  provides a description of the responsibilities of the officers.

Currently elected until February 2019 :

President:  Elena Therekhova  (elected by the GA 11 May 2016)

Vice-President:  Kazuaki Miyagishima

Club’s officers:
Treasurer: Wade Bowers  Resigned further to carreer move in Augsut 2018. Pending election of new treasurer: Massimiliano La Marca, acting

Secretary: Stefania Ghittino,

Coordinators of sections:
Choral Music : Nadiya Dzyubynska
Classical Music: Michael Wiener

Pop Rock Music: Karin Kaminker
Jazz:  Patrice Piguet

Inter-organization liaison. Massimiliano La Marca

Coordinators of Activity clusters: 

Sound engineering / Equipment management:   Nel Mamangun

Percussion Classes: Stefania Ghittino  –    To contact percussion teacher:

Promotional activities, social networks:  Maëli Astruc

Vocal Studio/ ‘Camerata UNa :  Nadiya Dzyubynska

For all other matters:    MUSIC CLUB <>

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Coming soon

 Jazz group plays TEDx – Palais des Nations 6th December 5 -5.30 pM Hall XX

Jazz group then plays the Mix and Mash,  6-9pM     11  December  at Les HAlles de l’Ile. Just turn up.

Jazz group (another) plays at the party of the Administration Department, Hall 14 Palais des NAtions (get invited!)

UN Geneva Choir  performs on 11th December at 12.00 Salle des Pas Perdus, Palais des Nations


  • No upcoming events
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