The UN Music Club was established as an association under the auspices of the UNOG Staff Coordinating Council.
In addition to collecting membership fees, the Club’s Statutes provide for acceptance of sponsorship in order to provide for a budget to purchase and maintain equipment, basic static instruments (drums , percussion, amplification) a modular PA system and recording equipment.

All activities can be supported by sponsorship, e.g., group tuition, band rehearsals, coaching and support in performances by professionnal musicians, purchase of sheet music, arrangements, photocopying and computer equipment and the organization of events.
Donations are accepted for performances. For events which require extensive transport, setting, sound checking, the relevant costs or fees can be discussed with event organisors.

A creative way of donating is to link a musical activity to a cause, whereby the donation is allocated to a designated charity.
Donators having contributed in the past are acknowledged with thanks:

– UNOG Staff Coordinating Council.
– Club de la plage ONU (events)
– DSR (events)
– Private donor for production of HAITI CD of recordings made by the World Music Project Orchestra
– UNSDR (Concert at Conference)
– Permanent Mission of Switzerland in Geneva
– UN Foundation Washington
– Fondation de Geneve through Vieira de Mello Foundation
– Graduate Institute, Geneva

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 UN Open Day is also Music Day !!!!

Visit the palais on Saturday 7 October – all day !

10.00  Jazz in the Park. Band with three vocalists

12.30 Rock with the International Incidents – UN rocks

13.30 Jazz, ballads , swing, bossas, Jean-Yves Poupin and vocalists

15.00 Jazz instrumental

16.30 UN Geneva Choir

17.45 Jazz walks you out

  • 3 September 2018 18 h 00 minRock Group Practice
  • 10 September 2018 18 h 00 minRock Group Practice
  • 17 September 2018 18 h 00 minRock Group Practice
  • 24 September 2018 18 h 00 minRock Group Practice
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