Some members write music and some of the material has been played.
Depending on the availability of musicians and arrangers, as well as time schedules,
members may have at their disposal small groups to play the composed material. Lyrics writer can show their texts and cooperate with musicians to bring it into music, properly transcribed.

This page is being developed with a view to present the creativity of some of the members.

Here are some of the compositions which are derived from creative elan of Club members:

Karen Kaminker wrote the music for WATER – A GOOD THING

If you cannot open this video on your system, please use the following music player:

Michael Wiener composed several pieces for choir and/or chamber ensembles, including the Universal Song for Human Rights, In memoriam, Peace and Kellogg College Grace.”

Shama Milán wrote Jam Love Session and Extinción for the UN Music Clubs partnership UNOG Ensemble and AQUA POTABLE Music Project for the Environment


Jay Wormus

The late Jay Wormus composed the tantalizing and hypnotic blues riffs of Jay’s Blues.


Karin Kaminker

Wade Bowers

composed the lyrics and improvises the bluesy melody to his fun song Nothing Wrong With Him in which he invokes celestial mercy for his polygamic tendencies. More to come.


Mimi Ameti and Patrice Piguet wrote the song Out of Sendai in commemoration of those who lost everything in the wake of the tsunami in 2011.


Patrice Piguet

wrote the UN Rock’n Roll


Pablo Auba, a local musician, wrote Vuvuzela Mambo for the UN Club’s World Music Project.



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 UN Open Day is also Music Day !!!!

Visit the palais on Saturday 7 October – all day !

10.00  Jazz in the Park. Band with three vocalists

12.30 Rock with the International Incidents – UN rocks

13.30 Jazz, ballads , swing, bossas, Jean-Yves Poupin and vocalists

15.00 Jazz instrumental

16.30 UN Geneva Choir

17.45 Jazz walks you out

  • 3 September 2018 18 h 00 minRock Group Practice
  • 10 September 2018 18 h 00 minRock Group Practice
  • 17 September 2018 18 h 00 minRock Group Practice
  • 24 September 2018 18 h 00 minRock Group Practice
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