The Club is open to cooperating with like-minded groups or individuals who appreciate music but may not be active musicians or vocalists.

There are many approaches to music and also a number of occupations available in the Club.

For example

– Sympathising, curiosity, exploring.

– Writing lyrics

– Reviewing, promotion, fundraising, administration, accounts, graphics

– Recording, maintenance of instruments, roadie

– Event creation and management

Contact one of the officers to discuss your ideas and the possibility to join the Club as a non-musician. However, please make sure you get to know the Club through it’s activities. 


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Present activities : UN.ENSEMBLE.VIRTUEL remotely recorded the COVID-19-inspired composition “Seasons in the Time of Corona” Look it up on this website under the SOUNDS menu. Join the virtual music making by singing or playing instrumental parts. Details under the Sounds menu.


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