The Club is open to cooperating with like-minded groups or individuals who appreciate music but may not be active musicians or vocalists.

There are many approaches to music and also a number of occupations available in the Club.

For example

– Sympathising, curiosity, exploring.

– Writing lyrics

– Reviewing, promotion, fundraising, administration, accounts, graphics

– Recording, maintenance of instruments, roadie

– Event creation and management

Contact one of the officers to discuss your ideas and the possibility to join the Club as a non-musician. However, please make sure you get to know the Club through it’s activities. 


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Jazz group plays the Mix and Mash,  6-8pM    Geneva Hospital , 10th floor restaurant. Just turn up, for the music or the view. Or to participate: Topic: ‘Health for All’  Several stands, presentation

Jazz group (another) plays at the party of the Administration Department, Hall 14 Palais des NAtions (get invited!) 19th december LUNCH TIME apero !

UN Geneva Choir  performs on 12th December at 12.00 Salle des Pas Perdus, Palais des Nations


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