One of the achievements of the UN Music Club is that it can provide rehearsal premises for groups to enable them to rehearse.

While there is a recurrent demand for individual rehearsal possibilities, which the Club occasionaly may address for short periods, the purpose of the rehearsal rooms is to be available for members who want to practise and perform within groups.

Rehearsal rooms are equipped.  

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Coming soon

 Jazz group plays TEDx – Palais des Nations 6th December 5 -5.30 pM Hall XX

Jazz group then plays the Mix and Mash,  6-9pM     11  December  at Les HAlles de l’Ile. Just turn up.

Jazz group (another) plays at the party of the Administration Department, Hall 14 Palais des NAtions (get invited!)

UN Geneva Choir  performs on 11th December at 12.00 Salle des Pas Perdus, Palais des Nations


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