Club membership is open to staff and retirees of UN system and other international organizations in Geneva and Permanent Missions, and their families. Click here for more information. Make sure you read about the activities. If you are not a musician or singer, you may be happy to know that there are non-musical activities to which you can contribute. If you are interested in joining the Club, you can complete the enrolment form or contact one of the Club’s officers. Please consult also the Information about fees.

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 UN Open Day is also Music Day !!!!

Visit the palais on Saturday 7 October – all day !

10.00  Jazz in the Park. Band with three vocalists

12.30 Rock with the International Incidents – UN rocks

13.30 Jazz, ballads , swing, bossas, Jean-Yves Poupin and vocalists

15.00 Jazz instrumental

16.30 UN Geneva Choir

17.45 Jazz walks you out

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