Perhaps you wish to first read about the enrolment process.

The annual membership fee is currently:

CHF 80 (regular members)
CHF 60 (retirees)
CHF 10 (interns/students)

IMPORTANT : UNOG staff members who are contributing dues to the UN Staff Council are exempted from paying UN Music Club dues. Please inform the Treasurer of your situation.

The fee is prorated for new members (except interns/students) joining the Club during the course of the year:
2nd quarter: 75%;
3rd quarter: 50%;
4th quarter: 25%.

Either at UBS desk or by transfer to account IBAN CH88 0027 9279 2748 35M1 E

Kindly inform the treasurer of your payment. A receipt will be issued.
Treasurer : Wade Bowers at

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 UN Open Day is also Music Day !!!!

Visit the palais on Saturday 7 October – all day !

10.00  Jazz in the Park. Band with three vocalists

12.30 Rock with the International Incidents – UN rocks

13.30 Jazz, ballads , swing, bossas, Jean-Yves Poupin and vocalists

15.00 Jazz instrumental

16.30 UN Geneva Choir

17.45 Jazz walks you out

  • No upcoming events
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