The UN Music Club actively looks for partnerships. Interested parties – individuals, organizations, individuals, corporations – should contact the President of the UN Music Club.

Examples of on-going or past partnerships:

HAITI – World Music

When the UN Music Club created the World Music Project it recorded the music on a CD called HAITI PAYS DEBOUT. It then entered into a partnership with the dynamic NGO AIDE ET ACTION active in the area of education for Haitian children

Musical partnership with NGO Global Alliance against Female Genital Mutilation: Concerts, events. Ambassador Dra Diarra performed with UN Music Club on International Jazz Day

Partnership with UNESCO to organize concerts on International Jazz Day.

Musical partnership with AQUA POTABLE. LINK PENDING

Aqua Potable


Musical partnership with AMR Geneva.




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 UN Open Day is also Music Day !!!!

Visit the palais on Saturday 7 October – all day !

10.00  Jazz in the Park. Band with three vocalists

12.30 Rock with the International Incidents – UN rocks

13.30 Jazz, ballads , swing, bossas, Jean-Yves Poupin and vocalists

15.00 Jazz instrumental

16.30 UN Geneva Choir

17.45 Jazz walks you out

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