The Club has been able to make a number of acquisitions or has received donations which help members in their work. As a general rule, use of instruments and resources is limited to groups integrated in the respective sections.


Drum set, Bass amplifier, acoustic piano, electric piano, guitar amplifier, PA system and related, microphones, percussion instruments.

Other :

Sheet Music, arrangements,  recording equipment, EDITING and LINK  PENDING

Orchestral accompaniment recordings for training and practice.



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Jazz group plays the Mix and Mash,  6-8pM    Geneva Hospital , 10th floor restaurant. Just turn up, for the music or the view. Or to participate: Topic: ‘Health for All’  Several stands, presentation

Jazz group (another) plays at the party of the Administration Department, Hall 14 Palais des NAtions (get invited!) 19th december LUNCH TIME apero !

UN Geneva Choir  performs on 12th December at 12.00 Salle des Pas Perdus, Palais des Nations


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